Display Voltage and Voltage Delta for Vertical Rulers

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Display Voltage and Voltage Delta for Vertical Rulers

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I want to be able to read the voltage of a channel under each Vertical Ruler location or at the time that the Ruler is set to. This should appear in the Time and Frequency Ruler Legend along with the time or frequency. This should be a real-time measurement on a buffer-by-buffer basis. Additionally since you have two ruler voltages to work with then, display the delta between the Ruler voltages as well.

Ch1 | 223.0uS | 3.057V
Ch2 | 744.0uS | 11.123mV
Delta| 521.0uS | 3.046V

This one seems obvious to me because I use a Tektronix scope, and I miss a lot when using the PicoScope 6 software. I was really surprised this wasn't already implemented.

I have read on the forum that you can kind of do this by placing the two Rulers close together and displaying the DC Average measurement. This works but doesn't accomplish other things like evaluating hysteresis, rise times, logic thresholds because you are limited to only one small section of the signal. And yes you can do this by moving in the Horizontal Rulers, but this only is giving you a fixed measurement and is by "eye" and not a real time evaluation of the signal. You can also approximate this with the Mouse Cursor, but again this is by eye and the Mouse cursor does not "snap" to the nearest channel signal.


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