Flow Logging

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Ozone Water
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Flow Logging

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I want to measure and log flow using either a DrDAQ or PicoLog1016. I have a choice of 2 flow sensors that I can use, a Huba Controls 200.920141K, 5VDC giving a Frequency output, Square pulse signal (data-sheet attached). 2nd flow sensor is a Sika VY2060MAHN05A5 (data-sheet attached) 4.5-24VDC giving a Square wave - frequency signal, NPN open collector.
Can anyone advise which set-up would work for me and how I would connect the sensor to the logger please.
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Ozone Water
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Re: Flow Logging

Post by Gerry »

Hi Ozone Water,

I apologise for the delay in answering your post. It took a while to catch up with the backed up queries from the holiday break.

You could connect either sensor to either data logger, however the DrDaq would be the most straightforward.

Regarding the PicoLog 1000 (don't know which one you're referring to in your post as we only have a 1012, and a 1216), the maximum flow rate that you will be able to capture is 1k pps (technically you could capture faster rates up to a maximum of 1M pps but it would only be until the internal 8kS hardware memory is full, which for a rate of 1M pps would be for a period of 8ms). The Huba Controls sensor will need a voltage divider for the PicoLog 1000 using two 10K resesistors, as explained on page 3 of the Small Terminal Board User Guide (see here: https://www.picotech.com/download/manua ... uide-3.pdf). The Sika sensor can just connect to the PicoLog 1000 input using a pull-up reistor (as it has an open collector output).

Regarding the DrDaq, you can use the Scope input which also only captures pulses at 1k pps (unless you use the internal hardware memory, which would only give you twice as much as the PicoLog 1000). For the Sika device you wouldn't need a voltage divider, and for the Huba Controls device you wouldn't need a pullup resistor (as long as you use a power supply of not more that 20V).

Regarding other differences, the PicoLog 1000 would give you more detail in the waveform than the DrDaq (either 10 or 12 bit resolution for the PicoLog 1000 vs 8-bits for the DrDaq). The PicoLog 1000 has a more vulnerable connector which could be dislodged, while the DrDaq has a sturdy locking connector (which you can take advantage of, if you add a BNC connector to the sensor output) and is much smaller (more portable).

However, I would urge you to look at the specifications on our website to see the other input/output options that both data loggers give you, as any additional sensors that you may want to add to your data acquisition capability will more liekly determine which one would be the best for your requirements.


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