Macro recorder

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Macro recorder

Post by Antoine123 »

is there specific condition to allow macros recording ?

i have tried to record by pushing the red button of macro recorder,
is seems activated but nothing is recorded whatever action tested. Then after stoping record, the save file icon remain unavailable.
Thanks for any advice

Testing config is pico 3205B with Picoscope 6.14/23.5207 ( windows 10 - 64 bits)

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Re: Macro recorder

Post by Gerry »

Hi Antoine,

I apologise for the delay in answering (this post got overlooked in the run up to Christmas).

Once you have pressed the red (record) button the Macro recorder is waiting to record (and show) valid functions/settings/actions that you have selected. Not all of the features and actions selectable in PicoScope 6 can be recorded my the Macro recorder. So, for instance if you click on the 'Measurements' Menu this will be logged as a saved action, but if you then click on the 'Deep Measurements' option, this will not be logged as a saved action.

The PicoScope functions/settings/actions that can be recorded in the Macro Recorder (and Command Line Automation options that can be used on the command line or in a batch file) are old features that have not been updated for quite some time. So anything that has been added since then, such as Deep Measurements can't be recorded or automated.

If this doesn't completely answer your question the we will need to look at exactly what you have done to attempt to record items, and will need you to post your data file on the forum.


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