Issue with pulse width triggers

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Issue with pulse width triggers

Post by erikths2 »

Im trying to set up a trigger with my picoscope 2208B using the SDK.

Based on the example at github, I have created some code where I try to set up triggering.

int timeInterval;
int maxSamples;

Imports.GetTimebase(_handle,200000000, BUFFER_SIZE, out timeInterval, 1, out maxSamples, 0 );

Console.WriteLine(timeInterval + "ns " + maxSamples);

short triggerVoltage = mv_to_adc(100, (short)_channelSettings[(int)Imports.Channel.ChannelA].range); // ChannelInfo stores ADC counts
ushort hysteresisVoltage = Convert.ToUInt16(mv_to_adc(50, (short)_channelSettings[(int)Imports.Channel.ChannelA].range));
ushort hysteresisLowerVoltage = Convert.ToUInt16(mv_to_adc(50, (short)_channelSettings[(int)Imports.Channel.ChannelA].range));

Imports.TriggerChannelProperties[] triggerChannelProperties = new Imports.TriggerChannelProperties[]
new Imports.TriggerChannelProperties(triggerVoltage,

Imports.TriggerConditions[] triggerConditions = new Imports.TriggerConditions[]
new Imports.TriggerConditions(Imports.TriggerState.True, // Channel A
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // Channel B
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // Channel C
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // Channel D
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // external
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // aux
Imports.TriggerState.DontCare, // pwq

Imports.ThresholdDirection[] directions = new Imports.ThresholdDirection[]
{ Imports.ThresholdDirection.RisingOrFalling, // Channel A
Imports.ThresholdDirection.None, // Channel B
Imports.ThresholdDirection.None, // Channel C
Imports.ThresholdDirection.None, // Channel D
Imports.ThresholdDirection.None, // ext
Imports.ThresholdDirection.None };

Imports.PwqConditions[] pwqConditions = new Imports.PwqConditions[1];

pwqConditions[0].ChannelA = Imports.TriggerState.True;
pwqConditions[0].ChannelB = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;
pwqConditions[0].ChannelC = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;
pwqConditions[0].ChannelD = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;
pwqConditions[0].Digital = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;
pwqConditions[0].Aux = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;
pwqConditions[0].External = Imports.TriggerState.DontCare;

Imports.PulseWidthType[] pulseWidthType = new Imports.PulseWidthType[1];
pulseWidthType[0] = Imports.PulseWidthType.GreaterThan;

Imports.SetTriggerChannelConditions(_handle, triggerConditions, 1);

Imports.SetTriggerChannelProperties(_handle, triggerChannelProperties, 1, 0, 0);
Imports.SetPulseWidthQualifier(_handle, pwqConditions, 1, directions[0], 2000000000, 2000000000, pulseWidthType[0]);

int timeDisposed;
_callbackDelegate = BlockCallback;

Imports.RunBlock(_handle, 0, 0, _timebase, _oversample, out timeDisposed, 0, _callbackDelegate, IntPtr.Zero);

I have used extreme values for the purpose of testing how this works. Now having set samplerate to 2000000000(1sample = 1,6seconds), and pulse width to 2000000000, the trigger shouldn't trigger before 3200000000 seconds or 101 years have passed(is this correct?) However, when I run the program, the trigger triggers immedietly.

I have tried to set up trigger in the PicoScope6 app, with the result im expecting.

Obviously there is something I don't understand here, but I expect that the condition of the signal has to stay below the threshold for 2000000000(Set in SetPulseWidthQualifier) samples before it can trigger.

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Re: Issue with pulse width triggers

Post by erikths2 »

For those of you who also might have problems with Pulse Width Trigger. I found that the TriggerState of pwq in TriggerConditions has to be set to True.

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Re: Issue with pulse width triggers

Post by zgingrichCZ »

Is this still true and does it apply to 4000a? I can't find a pwq channel in the ps4000a programming guide.

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