Block mode 5444D

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Block mode 5444D

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Good day, I have a question.
What does mean your datasheet for Picoscope 5444D. In streaming mode maximum sampling rate (SR) is 125MS if 8bit mode. This SR divide between all channels. Ok.

But If I want to use Block mode when data collecting in PicoScope and after that transfer to laptop. For this I tried to use Block mode. ( ... _Example.m). But why maximum sampling rate for this mode if I use 3 channels and 8bit resolution rate is 67108848 samples... this is maximum for one block or what? because even if I multiply 67.1MS *2 or 3 or 4 I will not see any of this numbers in your datasheet.

Can I use block mode to record 1s with sampling rate 60MS/s in 3 channel mode. What is the biggest resolution rate for that and how big can be one block?

If someone already used it could you share some example.

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