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Which is most up-to-date Picoscope manual?

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Which is most up-to-date Picoscope manual?

Postby Tim Stinchcombe » Wed Jul 16, 2003 8:41 pm

Very impressed with the quick arrival of my ADC200/50 - less than 48 hours from order to delivery!

I like to work with printed manuals, so I attempted to print the Picoscope pdf file from the main index page - web\picotech\document\pdf\psw.pdf. When I first opened it, Acrobat came up with an error of some sort: I seemed to be able to see the file OK, but when I printed it the pages came out in the wrong order (= not very happy about wasting paper, toner and time sorting out what was good/what was bad!). Then I discovered another file on the CD with the same name - document\pdf\psw.pdf. This file is much younger (dated 24/07/2002 as opposed to 14/08/2001), and also has more pages, apparently due to the larger font. I am keen to ensure that I am reading the most up-to-date information on the software (but not keen to needlessly waste more paper and toner!) - thus which version contains the correct information for the software? Also, does the same apply to the other pdf files (e.g. adc2xx.pdf)?

Tim Stinchcombe
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Postby markspencer » Thu Jul 17, 2003 8:51 am


I have got a copy of the psw.pdf for both the website and the one from the CD 5.08.6, since this is the latest disk I am assuming that this is the one you also have. I have done a comparison using a software tool between the two files and found them to be identical. I also did the same with the adc2xx.pdf files and these also came out as identical.

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Mark Spencer
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