Pico 4824 and Pico 30A current probe (TA189)

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Pico 4824 and Pico 30A current probe (TA189)

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I am trying to capture a current waveform using the TA189 with Pico 4824. When I connect the probe I manually select 30A Current Clamp as the probe option (thats the only one matches with the current probe anyways). The signal is very choppy and does not match as seen on my digitizer (50Mhz sampling).
Is there any sort of setting that I need to change?

Pico Stuart
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Re: Pico 4824 and Pico 30A current probe (TA189)

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Dear PowerPicoFS,

Thanks for post with regard to your waveform capture. To assist you further here please could you send in a ps.data file of your acquisition to support@picotech.com and a brief description of your set up and will endeavour to assist further.

One thing to try before carrying out further measurements is the following:

The TA189 has an auto zero button.

The output zero offset voltage of the probe may change due to thermal shifts and other environmental conditions. Select the required measuring range and, to null the output voltage,depress the Auto Zero button. Ensure that the probe is awayfrom the current carrying conductor while the probe is being nulled.

Kindest regards,

Applications Engineer :D

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