CAL signal out Pico 4824

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CAL signal out Pico 4824

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How do I get a CAL signal from Pico4824? I see an output connector at the back - but I dont get any signal out.

Pico Stuart
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Re: CAL signal out Pico 4824

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Dear PowerPicoFS ,

Thank you for your post with regard to your required CAL signal. The 4824 has a full function generator capable of producing a 1 Khz cal signal. The function generator output is the BNC connector located on the back of the 4824.

To enable the function generator click on the Signal Generator icon in the PicoScope 6 software. You will then
be able to configure and enable a 1 Khz square wave cal signal. You can then feed the output of the function generator into any of the eight channels of the 4824.

The function generator provides output of sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, sin(x)/x, Gaussian, half sine, noise, PRBS and DC waveforms* to your device under test. Sweep mode generates a frequency that varies between two specified limits.

Kindest regards,

Stuart :D
Applications Engineer

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