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PS2104 problems

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PS2104 problems

Postby tirak2 » Tue May 13, 2008 8:09 am


I´m in a project were we bought a 2104 to use in a test equipment.
I´ts a system built with labview.
We use picotechs PS2000.dll and PS2000.vi to comunicate with the scope.
We have a problem wich seems to be intermittent and the scope hangs with the with the red led on.

We have worked with it for some months and now think the problem lies in the dll or the way the PS2000.vi works with the dll.

The picoscope software seems to use the same dll.

Anyone experienced that the PS2104 or PS2105 hangs with the red LED on and the only way to get it started is to unplug/plug in again?
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