Fan noise in 5204

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Fan noise in 5204

Post by ctrawick »

I have a Picoscope 5204. Excellent instrument: we have another on order.

I noticed it making more noise lately-- apparently the tiny fan on the back panel is making more noise than at first. And while I was investigating, it made a squealing sound. (The chattering bearing, much-reduced speed type of squeal characteristic of fans which have seen years of continuous service.)

This scope has had pretty light duty since we took delivery in August 2007. What is the procedure for warranty repair? And if the fan gives reduced performance, how quickly will the scope's insides melt? (That is, how urgent is the repair?) Do I ship it to you, or can you just send me another fan?

Charles T.

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Post by picojohn »

Hello Charles,

I am sorry that you are experiencing this behaviour.

To maintain your product warranty status, it would be best to return the unit. Therefore, please send an email to for my attention, with the following details:

Contact name
Full Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Unit to be returned
A brief problem reminder

I will then issue you with a returns number and shipping instructions.


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