Picoscope 6 across different models

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Picoscope 6 across different models

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Are all of the features of Picoscope 6 software available across the different families?

Is the only real difference the bandwidth, sample rate, depth, No. channels, etc., of the hardware?

Specifically, are all of the serial decoding functions available on all models?

Can the serial decoding use input from a digital channel on MSO models, or only from a scope channel?


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Re: Picoscope 6 across different models

Post by Martyn »

The majority of features are available across all models including serial decoding which works with both analog and digital channels. You just need to ensure that you can get around 8 samples for each bit of the serial bus.
One main feature "Deep Measure" is not available on the 2000 series as it requires deep memory.

If you have the software installed and running in Demo Mode you can open the User Guide from the Help menu and look for the Device Feature Table in the contents section which will give all the info you need.
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