Push Button input

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Push Button input

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I will see if I can explain what I am looking for without writing a novel. I only know enough to be dangerous, sorry.

I need a Push Button signal to input into either a Palm Pilot or a Laptop, plus a output signal to a Piezo Buzzer when the button is pressed. I have read that through a USB , the Driver would be difficult to do so I hope to use a Serial Port connection at this point.

Basic Gist is: We race Gliders on a 100 meter wide course on a cliff, Pilot and Palm/Laptop PC in the middle or 50 meters each way.

We have a very good system now to run the race but it requires manual input into an Excel Scoresheet. There are programs already written for the Palm Pilot and other PDA's but they function as basically a Stop Watch with final time and Leg times. 10 legs .

There are "Buzzermen" one at each side with sighting devices and a Button which is pressed when the Glider passes. Each time the Button is pressed, a Buzzer sounds to let the Pilot know he has crossed the line and turn. There is a timer box which records the times and sends out the signal to the buzzer.

I understand the Palm Pilot program will have to be modified, it's a Stop Watch basically with using the Page UP and Page Down buttons.

So, is there Pico device that would interface with a Palm Pilot or Lap Top that would do the trick? I understand the software would have to be modified to know what to do with the input impulse and send an output signal.

Sample Rate: Well, it is a timing system and fast as in now would be good. We currently time to hundredths if that helps.

Current system runs on a 12v Gel Cell but we can alter that with regualtors. The Piezo Buzzer (one ) runs at 6 to 12v. I think a PicoSwitch we have might work, basically a low voltage signal to 12 v relay might work.

Link to the Palm Apps: http://www.infolaser.net/franpr/tecnica ... sF3bf.html

Regards and thanks
Dan Field

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Hello Dan,

As you already have identified, this is a specialist timing (or pulse counting) requirement, which our products are not aimed at.


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