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Picoscope Feature Request

Post by mike603 »

I don't know if this is the correct place for this. If not, please forgive me.

I have been a PicoScope user for 5 or six years. With this experience I have a few software feature/improvement requests.

The PicoScope is the best bang for the buck out there in a USB oscilloscopes. The hardware is very good, let's take the software to the next level and make it so good that Picoscope is the ONLY choice in USB Oscilloscopes.

1. Add Trigger Holdoff. This would be the amount of time after a trigger before the trigger logic would be re-armed. This applies to analog as well as digital triggers. This is a feature that has been requested mulitple times for more then 12 years.

2. Add the ability to intermix the analog and digital inputs on a single display rather than having a split window display with analog on one window and digital on the other windows. Basically allow traces to be repositioned.

3. Allow trace labels of longer than 3 characters. Either auto increase the left margin for the longer label or move the label to above or below the trace (user selectable).

4. Copy Entire Window as Image on 4K monitor does not actually copy entire window (see attached).

5. Add a menu selection or buttons for recently used settings. This allows rapidly switching from one setting to another without having load the settings via the file dialog box

6. Allow rearranging the Icons/Buttons on the top and bottom of the window.

7. Add custom Icons/Buttons for frequently used features. For example I2C decoder, Peak Voltage Measurement, etc.

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Re: Picoscope Feature Request

Post by RFsew »


I have something further. We use the pico-scope to find scary software-bugs in realtime environments with gpios. So the analog probes are less interesting for us.

8. Measurements for digital channels. (frequency, …)

9. Persistent mode for digital channels. (to measure jitters)

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