Changing from PS4000 to PS5000a

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Changing from PS4000 to PS5000a

Post by darko.inetec »

Hello to all!

Because of project requirements we needed to change PicoScope from 4000 series to 5000 series.

We developed an automated SW in C# using an examples available on GIT using PS4000 demo.

Now after we changed to PS5000a dll wrapper, the result we receive do not make sense. Is there any significant difference in handling data between these to drivers/wrappers?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Changing from PS4000 to PS5000a

Post by Martyn »

There will potentially be some changes, however it would be better to discuss these via

Send an email explaining which functions you are using from the 4000.dll and the team will be able to advise on potential differences when transferring to the 5000a.dll
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