i2c decoding high sample rates fails

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i2c decoding high sample rates fails

Post by bennog »

I am working on an application that uses i2s at 3Mhz and i2c at 100kHz.
With normal settings the 3403D samples at 250MS/sec.

For the i2s decoding this is not a problem.
The i2c decoding fails on the decoding in this case.
The data send in all samples was exactly the same. 0x10 0x00 0x01
i2c decoding 250MS.psdata
(950.76 KiB) Downloaded 124 times

When reducing max samples per capture to a value of 100kS / capture (eg 41.6 MS/sec)
The i2c decoding starts working normaly.
i2c decoding 40MS.psdata
(287.42 KiB) Downloaded 137 times


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Re: i2c decoding high sample rates fails

Post by Gerry »

Hi Benno,

Thanks for pointing that out.

I will check and report this as a bug fix request.


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Re: i2c decoding high sample rates fails

Post by dnoyeb »

I'm having the same problem. However, I am not able to make it work under any configuration. I'm using a 5444B and running a 100khz i2c. But even at 1000hz I can't get it to behave any differently.

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