New Scope recommendation

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New Scope recommendation

Post by lowellweeks »

I am looking for a scope.
I would like to have the following features:
Modbus, Can bus decoding
XY Mode for component testing
It has been more than a decade since I have owned a scope so I am not sure what is a common feature and what is not.
It appears that the 3000 and 5000 series would do the job, just wondering why one over the other.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Regards - Lowell

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Re: New Scope recommendation

Post by Gerry »

Hi Lowell,

The decoding you mention, and X-Y mode is common to all PicoScopes via our PicoScope 6 software, so in theory, you could select any one of our MSO PicoScopes. However, you will also have a requirement based upon what information you want from the Scope, i.e:
What will be the data rates that you will be using for the Serial comms (this will be a factor in determining what bandwidth you need in a PicoScope)?
Are you looking for encoding errors in individual packets, or protocol errors in terms of incorrect messages or responses, because the first one won't require much buffer memory in the Scope, whereas the second one may need a lot of memory?
Also are you looking to fault find the communication channel (i.e. look at the integrity of the Analogue waveform to check for potential faulty communication signals), in which case you will have another factor for a bandwidth requirement based upon the highest frequency that you need to measure to detect anomalies in the waveform, and a resolution requirement, based upon the voltage precision that you need to see the anomalies with.

The 5000 series PicoScopes will just give you higher performance, in all of the areas mentioned (but then the 2000 series PicScopes also include MOS's), so ultimately you will be able to narrow down your choice by clarifying what you need to use the scope for, then once you have done that, you can use the following tool to narrow it down further: ... ifications.


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