Long-time data-logging application

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Long-time data-logging application

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Hi all!

I had a few questions about choosing the right pico-scope:

- in both matlab and python wrappers the "A" version models are referenced, do the wrappers also support the "D" versions that are sold now?
- My application is a rather low-frequency (varying between 1kHz-1MHz) data logging with relatively high bit-rate (>14bit) for an extended period of time, likely in continuous streaming mode. For this the models "4262" and "5242D" seem to be appropriate, where the former promises better noise performance and slightly lower price - would there be advantages of the 5000 series for a streaming application with high number of bits?
- can one choose the sampling frequency freely? What are the constraints set for the sampling frequency?

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Re: Long-time data-logging application

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Hi Gerd,

References to the "A" version models in the programmers guides also include the B/C/D versions.

For your specific application there would be no advantage in going for the 5242D. The 4262 would give you 2 channels at higher effective resolution than the 5242D (16-bits of low noise versus 15-bits of high noise). However, you should also consider what measurement applications you may want to use the PicoScope for at a later date.

The sampling frequency is always a division of the sample clock in the PicoScope as explained in the Timebases section on page 7 of the User guide for the PS4262 here: https://www.picotech.com/download/manua ... -guide.pdf).


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