Unable to connect Picoscope 5444D with Matlab

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Unable to connect Picoscope 5444D with Matlab

Post by krzysztof.czajkowski »

I am trying to use Picoscope 5444D with Matlab. It works fine with Picoscope software and C code that my colleague has written, but we would like to use it with Matlab so that it is integrated with the rest of the devices in our setup which are also operated using Matlab.
I am using 64-bit Matlab 2016a version and I have installed and selected Microsoft SDK 7.1 as mex compiler. I tried using the dedicated Picoscope code from file exchange as well as loading the library and using ps5000aOpenUnit function via calllib in Matlab. Neither works. In both cases I get the response that device is not connected. All the other Picoscope software is closed so that the device is not busy elsewhere.
I would really appreciate help with this issue.
Best regards,
Krzysztof Czajkowski
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University of Warsaw

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Re: Unable to connect Picoscope 5444D with Matlab

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Krzysztof,

Have you installed the PicoScope Support Toolbox?

If so, please e-mail support@picotech.com and a member of our Technical Support Team will provide you with an updated 64-bit PicoSDK installer which should be compatible with the PicoScope 5444D.

Hope this helps,

Software Dev. Engineer

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