PicoScope 4424 LabVIEW error GetStreamingLatestValues

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PicoScope 4424 LabVIEW error GetStreamingLatestValues

Post by dennis_waschik »

Hello Technical Support,

Could you help me with the following problem?


Version of LabVIEW (32/64-bit & Service Pack): LabVIEW 2010 32 Bit
Pico Technology device model: PicoScope 4424
Driver name and version number: PicoSDK_32_10.6.12.41
Operating system: Windows 7 64 Bit
USB port type (e.g. 2.0): 2.0

I use the LabVIEW PS400 library for streaming data of the PicoScope, in the attachments you will find the acqusition setting. After a few seconds LabVIEW stops and gets the error code: 268440464 with GetStreamingLatestValues.

Could you check the acqusition settings if this could work properly with that?
Thanks a lot,
Dennis Waschik

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Re: PicoScope 4424 LabVIEW error GetStreamingLatestValues

Post by Martyn »

Please email support@picotech.com and the LabVIEW specialists in the team will be able to assist. The error code number itself does not highlight the issue, and I am unable to translate the German error message.
Technical Support Manager

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