Monitoring of Mill Motor Rotor Currents

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Monitoring of Mill Motor Rotor Currents

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Dear Team,
I have a very important project in mind, I need monitoring Mill Motor Rotor Currents, the electric characteristic to consider is:
Current level: 3000 amps
Voltage level: to 600 VAC.
Frequency: to 2 kHz.
I need
- 4 analog channels for current measurements.
- 4 analog channels for voltage measurements.
- 10 Digital inputs.
I see that the model PicoScope 5442D MSO in better for my requirements.
But I can´t find of probe I need for current & voltage measurement.
Please your recommendations as soon as possible.
Best regards


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Re: Monitoring of Mill Motor Rotor Currents

Post by Martyn »

Please check the product pages for the 5000 series where you will find suitable current probes and high voltage probes

If you need further assistance on the suitability please email the team at
Technical Support Manager

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