TA009 max current / bandwidth

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TA009 max current / bandwidth

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I'm using a TA009 probe on an oscilloscope. I supervising the current coming for the battery supply directly to my circuit at start-up. There are capacitor on the supply line so I'm expecting some inrush current.

From the measurement with the TA009, the peak current is approximatly 100A and duration is about 50us. Please see the attach file. The current probe is plotted in green (10mV/A), input x1. In yellow, it is the voltage of a lipo battery switched on through an manual switch.

The probe is given for a max current of 60A and a bandwidth a 20khz.

My question is :
Should the probe saturate at 60A ?
How can the current plot could be so steep knowing that the probe has a bandwidth of 20khz ?


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