dll file for Model 4425

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dll file for Model 4425

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I am trying to use labview to control PicoScope. My device model is 4425. I couldn't find this model in ps4000 programmers guide manual or in ps4000a programmers guide manual. Actually I couldn't find it from PS4000 series list in your download site. After several times of trying, I connect with the device using ps4000a.dll. So I'm guessing I should use ps4000a manual, right?

Another question is after I using Labview open and close the device(sampling LED turn red), I tried to use PicoScope 6 Automotive to control the device, but the software show that it cannot find device. I closed labview program and checked task manager, no pico was running, so is there anything I can do to reconnect the device with "PicoScope 6 Automotive" except restart my computer?

Totally green and new guy, your help will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Re: dll file for Model 4425

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Yes the 4425 uses the 4000a dll

That would suggest that LabVIEW is not correctly closing the device. Try unplugging and replugging the scope, and see if that allows PicoScope 6 Automotive to communicate with it.
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