Picolog5 Average Channel Value

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Picolog5 Average Channel Value

Post by lparry92 »

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help with using Picolog5 to average the value of a channel I have.

I'll explain first a little about my setup and then my problem.

Currently, I have a TC-08 and a 1012 connected to an engine fitted to a test bed. These are both connected via USB to a computer and I am using Picolog5 to display and log a variety of temperatures and pressures at a resolution of 10Hz over a period of 3 minutes. Everything is setup and is working pretty much fine. I just have a small problem where I am seeing acoustic waves in the exhaust system.

When I added my pressure sensors to my settings files I added the correct formatting to them to display the pressure seen rather than the voltage excitation but I was wondering if it was possible to display the live value seen from the pressure sensor and also the averaged value seen from the pressure sensor over a set number of samples.

I hope this makes sense.

If you have any info that would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Picolog5 Average Channel Value

Post by Hitesh »

Hi lparry92,

The Table view in the new PicoLog 6 software has the option to display both the average and last value.

You can use both the PicoLog 1012 and USB TC-08 with PicoLog 6.

Hope this helps,

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