TC-08 can it record anything else?

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TC-08 can it record anything else?

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Greetings everybody. Just bought a TC-08 to monitor and evaluate a complex solar heater. I dont need all 8 temperature inputs. Was wondering if it was possible to somehow convert one or two channels into an on or off state, recorder, to monitor when certain pumps come on or go off, in relation to the temp. Obviously I am just talking about a basic on or off state. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks all

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Hello Brendan,

The TC-08 can also measure voltage within the range +/- 70 mV; therefore, you could conceivably arrange for thresholds representing ON/OFF and monitor those in PicoLog.



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This is exactly what I want to do with the TC-08.
Is the SE000 exposed wire probe "k" the correct thermocouple to use
and how?

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