compability enviromon current recorder and an ADC10/11

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compability enviromon current recorder and an ADC10/11

Post by daliti » Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:54 pm

We want to measure pressure, voltage current and temperature at the same time. We've bought in the past an ADC10/11 and an TC08 module. voltage and pressure (ADC convertor) and temperature (thermocouple) aren't a problem.

We aren't able to measure a large current correct with our ADC convertor. The three current clamps have an VAC output which cannot be read in by the ADC 10/11. Even with the bridge rectifier, the same problem occurs by giving wrong meassurements.

Is it possible to send me an schematic of a possible filter or convertor so we can meassure simultanious the 3 currents and the other inputs (pressure, voltage and temperature)?

Any solution for my problem?

Kindly regards


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Post by picojohn » Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:09 pm

Hello daliti,

It could be possible to achieve what you need with our EnviroMon system ( The shortest sampling interval is 1 minute and, if that is frequent enough and if you wish to detail your specific overall needs, then I shall be pleased to suggest a configuration.

It may also be possible to achieve what you need by using a combination of our converters running under PicoLog software, and again, I would need details of your specific requirements.


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