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Unable to open ADC-200

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Unable to open ADC-200

Postby Sage » Tue Jun 24, 2003 10:59 pm


I am writing an application to use the ADC 212. I installed the driver already on my system and the Pico-Scope, Pico Logger are all working perfectly well using the USB port.

I tested the Excel macro and it's working fine. I can get data into the excel worksheet through the ADC212. Moreso, I tested the VB application and it is also working well. But when I tried the sample code written in C language, I ran into problems there. The C-code could not open the ADC 212 port. I tried to debug the C application and each time the execution gets to the line with the function ok = adc200_open_unit(port) ; it fails at that point and return the message ["Unable to open ADC-200; ADC200 Driver V3.02"].

I don't know if anyone have come across a problem like this before, I will highly appreciate your advise. The opereating system that I am running the application on is Windows 2000 pro, and I copied the following files to the directory that I copiled my C-sample program from[a200.h, adc20032.lib, adc20032.dll]. When I copiled the sample program, it compiled successfully, but the application can't still get data from the ADC 212 device. [the VA, Excel samples are all working on the same port, the pico-scope is also configured on that port].



Postby markspencer » Mon Jun 30, 2003 11:32 am


Ensure that nothing elses is trying to access the port at the same time. That the other programs have been closed down correctly, and the port has also been closed.

Do not have Picoscope or Picolog running.

When you call the function adc200_open_unit(port) does the led on the USB adapter come on. If not you might have the number wrong assigned to 'port'. If it does but does not connect try it a second time and see what happens.

The .dll that is used with the C example is the same one used by Picoscope, and all the other examples. Check that you are using the same .dll release for the C program and all for the others.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer
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