Multi Channel Datalogging & 1M limit

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Multi Channel Datalogging & 1M limit

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I have an application requiring the monitoring of between 1 to 8 reliability test modules. The tests run at beween 1Hz to 1/5 Hz are run continuously until failure, for long periods ie a few days to up to 6 weeks.

Ideally I would wish to monitor the test modules throughout their testing recording the voltage waveform (about 3V to 4V amplitude) with some level of detail.

Q. Can you offer a cost effective solution to do this?

I am anticipating the answer to the above Q is no.

Q. Hence, can you offer a solution that could run for 96hrs, ie over a Bank Holiday weekend?

Q. If so, what sampling rate could be achieved?

Ideally, I would like 100 samples/s per channel.
I realise that this is a lot of data, but I am interested in how the test object fails, ie gracefully or suddenly! Hence I need some detail in the waveform.

Q. Does the 1M sample limit apply per channel or per instance of the program running?

Lee C.

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In PicoLog, each saved file is limited to 1M samples but once that is reached another file with the same name (but including an incrementing suffix) is automatically started. This can go on indefinately until your hard drive is full!
Be aware that if you run 8 channels at rates approaching 100S/sec the ADC-11 & the PC will be working very hard (using most of the processor time) you you must have a fast computer with nothing else running in the background.

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