Grounding problems

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Grounding problems

Post by Johan »

I think I have destructed my ADC-11 USB logger.
I was measuring current via a shunt in the + 12 line of a car.
The battery of my laptop was getting low so I did connect the laptop via the cigarlighter to the cars power.
After that there was no reaction anymore on the ADC.
The led was on only when the power was in the cigar lighter.
I did try it on other PC but the adc does not work anymore.
No LED on anymore.

Was this stupid of me or ???
Can the logger be repaired or do I have to buy a new one?


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Post by picojohn »

Hello Johan,

You may of course return the unit for repair. Please send an email to with the follwing details:

Full Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Unit to be returned & serial number
A brief problem description.

This will enable us to file a returns report and generate a returns number. Please do not return the unit without first obtaining an RMA number.


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