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control systems

Post by Guest » Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:22 pm

Having read through the website and forums the Pico stuff seems just right for measuring oxygen and temperatures (also pH ORP, salinity) and state of pumps / float switches etc. in our fish farm systems. Oxygen and temperature are the most common. Just a couple of questions before buying.

1. The Oxygen probes we use typically give about 70 mv at 100 % oxygen (although each probe is slightly different to to age, state of membrane & electrolyte etc). Which is the best software to use and will this enable us to calibrate the probes to show 100% in air?

2. We need to set high and low alarms for each probe - again is there a ready made program that can do this.

3. Finally (for now), in some situation we will need to control as well in response to readings. For example - the low oxygen alarm may be set at 70% and the high at 110%, but at 80% we don't want an alarm, but need to open a solenoid valve - and close it again at 90%. So this is a control specific to a channel (same for using temperature readings to control heating / cooling), but also there will be the situation where we need to do something general, like turn on an oxygen generator when a certain number of readings are below a certain level. Does this need custom written software?

Look forward to your advice,


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Post by PeterF » Wed Oct 31, 2007 12:11 pm

There are quite a few parts to this question! In general, yes, we can do it with certain reservations. Our dataloggers can most probably log all the required sensors and display their readings. Calibration can be adjusted in the PicoLog program. Alarms can be displayed on the PC, audio/visually but unless you write your own appication the PC will not be able to drive any outputs to control external devices. Alarm conditions can be calculated from multiple inputs.
Our Enviromon system can also log sensors and provide one alarm per system. This alarm can be arranged so that it drives a simple control system. Alarms can not be from calculated inputs.
With a mixture of systems, we can cover most of this requirement but will have to have much more detail of your application.
You will need to come in to us on our helpdesk or ring-in for a chat!

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