Advanced Triggering for 2105

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Advanced Triggering for 2105

Post by prwatPico »

Having purchased a 2105 a while back, it has seen little use due to the limited triggering capabilities. With the announcement of "advanced" triggering functions on the new version 6 software, I downloaded R6_0_12 only to find that the advanced triggering capabilites appear to be disabled for the 2105 device.

I work a lot with simple RS485 serial data protocols, where it is necessary to trigger based on pulse widths in the range 50-300us typically.

Can we please have some of the advanced trigger functions on the 2105 asap!
Peter Willis
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Post by ziko »

Hi and thank you for your post. The 210x currently does not have any advanced triggering capabilities. I will put this as a suggestion to the software and hardware engineers though. I cannot promise anything though.

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