6 years to install

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6 years to install

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Because of chronic illness, I have only just tried to install my ADC42 purchased in 2001!

Of course, technology has moved on a little, but my tech knowledge hasn't — I don't even know if Picoscope refers to hardware or software.

Drivers were installed via Ye Olde Floppie Discs, discs 1 & 3 only (presumably because I did not ask for Data Logger).

Version is 5.04.4 - 16 bit.
It reports Pico.386 not found, but otherwise starts up OK

Please can you tell me which version to download for Windows XP2 just to run a simple Spectrum Analyser without undue complexity.?
I see some updates are for such things as Swedish language support, but jeg talar inter Svenska!

Thank you

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Post by picojohn »

Hello Guest,

The latest version of the application software is R5.17.1 and, that is compatible with your product.

Remember to uninstall the older version before installing the newer version.


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