PicoLog 6.1.3 stable released!

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PicoLog 6.1.3 stable released!

Post by Kieran » Wed May 16, 2018 4:00 pm

Hi PicoLog users,

We've released a new version of PicoLog 6, with many new features and bug fixes:
  • Added user interface language translations for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese
Since this is the first version of PicoLog 6 with translated user interface, there are always some mistranslation usually where context has not been interpretted correctly we welcome feedback, just use the feedback button (smiley face) bottom left of the PicoLog app to leave a comment.
  • Added a feature to allow sorting of devices in device menu using drag and drop
Self explanetary really, you pick up the device in device menu and drag to sort the order. It won't work on devices that don't have configured channels.
  • Added support for Ethernet connected loggers (Windows version only)
The PT-104 and PicoLog CM3 have both USB and Ethernet ports, we've now enabled the feature to setup and communicate with those devices over Ethernet. Unfortunately this feature is only available in the Windows version of PicoLog 6. Previously we included a separate program for configuring Ethernet settings (IP address and port) for both devices, this functionality has now been added to PicoLog 6, which means you don't need to close PicoLog to configure the port.
  • Updated Windows EV signed kernel drivers
Windows 10 Creators Edition made it mandatory for companies who write kernel drivers that run on Windows to have EV Certificates (Extended Validation), read more from Microsoft here
  • Fixed an issue with CSV exporting where only partial data was exported
  • Fixed an issue with PDF export to include channel configuration
  • Fixed an issue with CSV export where data has no units
  • Fixed multiple issues with alarm "run application" dialog
Happy logging!

Kieran Winstanley
PicoLog product manager
Pico Technical Support
Forum Moderator

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