Continuous Streaming 4824 with Matlab

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Continuous Streaming 4824 with Matlab

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I work on a similar project streaming a 4824 picoscope with MATLAB not C/C++ and using 7 channels not 4. Can you please explain how the driver with 4 channels allows a max sample rate of 5 MS/s? I may not understand, but it looks like USB3 can transfer at 150 MS/s and the 4000 series samples at 80 MS/s so I should be able to transfer all 8 channels at 10 MS/s to MATLAB, however I receive issues with 7 channels at sample rates higher than 8 MS/s. I do not believe my computer limits me as I use a Dell Precision (64-bit, 32 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-9850H CPU and Windows 10). Should I be able to transfer all the samples to my laptop? Does the driver continue collecting data while I perform some processing on the data? In 10MS/s streaming mode, I am able to process 2.4MS (about 240 ms) in under 100 ms so I should be able to stream without issue unless there is a cap on the streaming rate.


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