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Setup Picoscope 6 from command line

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Setup Picoscope 6 from command line

Postby azogtoth » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:57 pm

I'm looking for a method to setup (especially) my probes (scaling) from the commandline. Like things that are written in the .pssettings file.
Does anybody have an idea?

Best regards,
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Re: Setup Picoscope 6 from command line

Postby Gerry » Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:41 pm

Hi Stefan,

You can edit/create your own *.psprobes file as the content is text, however, the problem that you are up against is that, within PicoScope 6 you would have to access the functions that setup the Custom Probes (e.g. for use, creation, etc, but more specifically for importing probe files).

Now you can manipulate PicoScope 6 from the command line using automation commands, but the capability is limited (as these were originally written for testing) and, unfortunately, the list of available commands (which you can find with the command line string picoscope.com /a ?) does not include any that give access to Custom Probes.

So your best option is to create and select the Custom Probes and input ranges, manually, and then save them to different settings files, and finally load the appropriate settings file for the Probe and input range that you want to use, using the Automation command picoscope /a File.Open.IO=C:\<your path>\<your file name>.pssettings (note that an instance of PicoScope 6 has to be running to execute the command).


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