Conecting enviromon el005 with labview

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Conecting enviromon el005 with labview

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Hi. I have to do an application using the logger el005 to acquire data. Running the vi included I dont recieve data from the sensors. DO you have a new VI, that works with it? Or have you detected a problem that may cause it.

It works well using the enviromon.

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Hi and thank you for your post.

What kind of sensors are using, the logger and converter?

Kind regards

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I´m using the El005 logger, converter 026 and sensor 030.

Now I can recieve data from them, but just sometimes.
When I run, stop an run again it, sometimes I just recieve 15.4 in both sensors(temp and humidity), but the real values returns when I restart the program.
Is there a close routine that I could be missing? Im using the one included in the example.

Adding some problems, I have seen that the logger dont use the limit values(of sensors, for alarm) of the envimon.ini charged in the labview example, it use the value charged(before) in the envimon with the program button.
Is there a routine, or library that can help me doing this in my oun program?

I hope you can help me


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I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with our example.

I have confirmed your results of 15.42 after the vi is stopped. The way to fix this issue is to delete the close call at the end of the example. There is no need to call the close function as the port is released as soon as the program is closed.

As far as the enviromon.ini you are copying the file from C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\EnviroMon and pasting it into your C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\EnviroMon\Drivers folder aren't you? You can modify this file and the updates will be applied directly to your labview program. Be sure to not have the program running when you modify it and the easiest way to modify it would be to change your settings in EnviroMon program and then program the logger and then copy the file into the drivers folder and rerun your .vi.

Let me know if you have any other questions...


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Re: Conecting enviromon el005 with labview

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Hi there,

Can anyone tell me where can I find the and the .dll?
My CD-ROM doesn't have them and I couldn't find it on the online SDK.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Conecting enviromon el005 with labview

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If you use the installer from our Downloads Page , Enviromon is located under Discontinued Products, you will then need to select Custom Install which will give the option to install examples.

Please note this is old software for a legacy product and so support is limited.
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