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No Filter option

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I am trying to measure the photocurrent generated with highly resistive sample. To have the current I place a resistor in series to measure the voltage change at its terminals using the picoscope 6. But when I am using a resistor higher than 1Mohm, problem appears (Might come from the intern resistance of the Picoscope, I'm using a picoscope 2204A). The signal is perturbated by another one with a higher frequency than the one I try to measure.

So I want to use a low pass filter to extract my signal but when I click to "Edit a measure" I do not have "advanced" button, so I cannot use a filter.

I tried to do it using math channel but there is still the syntax problem... (French version of Picoscope 6.12.9)

Any advice would me very helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: No Filter option

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Can you send a psdata file to we can then take a look in more detail. Please include a circuit diagram showing where and how you are measuring the current.
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