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problems to wirelessly control TC-08 with Bluetooth

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problems to wirelessly control TC-08 with Bluetooth

Postby desi2004 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:31 pm

I an trying to wirelessly control PICO TC-08 data logger with Bluetooth RS232 cable replacement( http://www.wcscnet.com/HdwBTRS232.htm. For our application, we have disabled its hardware flow control function by shorting pin 7,8 and 9). But it failed.

We are using TC-08 for rotor test, so that we have to wirelessly connect the data logger with the computer serial port. Before we applied the Bluetooth RF module to TC-08, we have tested it with the Keithley multimeter 2700, and it works.

Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed when we applied it to TC-08. We powered the data logger by battery directly. With the normal cable(only connected with pin 2,3 and 5), the Picolog software can find the TC-08. But after we replaced the cable with Bluetooth RS232 cable replacement system, Picolog failed to find TC-08.

Could you please be so kind to advise me what could be the reason?

I am looking forward to your kind advice.

Have a nice weekend!

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Postby ziko » Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:32 pm

Hi after speaking to one of the hardware engineers he has the following questions:

" Are you supplying the TC-08 from a battery when using the Bluetooth adapter; or is the adapter supplying the power?

- If you are powering the logger from a battery, what voltages are you using, and to which pins?

- If you are powering the logger from the adapter, what voltages does it supply to pins 2 & 3?

- The hardware flow control function is not used on the TC-08. Could you try leaving pins 8 and 9 unconnected?

Kind regards

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