problems to wirelessly control TC-08 with Bluetooth

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problems to wirelessly control TC-08 with Bluetooth

Post by desi2004 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:31 pm

I an trying to wirelessly control PICO TC-08 data logger with Bluetooth RS232 cable replacement( For our application, we have disabled its hardware flow control function by shorting pin 7,8 and 9). But it failed.

We are using TC-08 for rotor test, so that we have to wirelessly connect the data logger with the computer serial port. Before we applied the Bluetooth RF module to TC-08, we have tested it with the Keithley multimeter 2700, and it works.

Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed when we applied it to TC-08. We powered the data logger by battery directly. With the normal cable(only connected with pin 2,3 and 5), the Picolog software can find the TC-08. But after we replaced the cable with Bluetooth RS232 cable replacement system, Picolog failed to find TC-08.

Could you please be so kind to advise me what could be the reason?

I am looking forward to your kind advice.

Have a nice weekend!


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Post by ziko » Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:32 pm

Hi after speaking to one of the hardware engineers he has the following questions:

" Are you supplying the TC-08 from a battery when using the Bluetooth adapter; or is the adapter supplying the power?

- If you are powering the logger from a battery, what voltages are you using, and to which pins?

- If you are powering the logger from the adapter, what voltages does it supply to pins 2 & 3?

- The hardware flow control function is not used on the TC-08. Could you try leaving pins 8 and 9 unconnected?

Kind regards

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