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get_times_and_values in ADC1132.dll - toal sampling values

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get_times_and_values in ADC1132.dll - toal sampling values

Postby bjorgvin » Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:53 pm


I am using ADC11 with Labview 6.1 on Win 2000.

ADC11/22 driver 2.8
Pico.sys V1.5
ADC-11 V3 on LPT1

When calling get_times_and_values, f.ex. configured to sample 100 samples on two channels, the return matrix of sampled values are 2*100, (100 samples pr. channel) but the matrix of time-values is 2*50 values.

(The same matrix of zero's is sent to both the sampled value and the time-value)

Is this correct behavior?
Should I not get the same quantity of values?

Björgvin Benediktsson

Postby markspencer » Fri Jun 06, 2003 9:06 am


The function adc11_get_times_and_values will return the same time for each set of reading for the active channel. So if you are sampling three channels and taking 100 samples for each channel then the the function will return 300 samples (assuming that the array is large enough).

The values in the returned array are taken alternatively for the active channels eg 1, 2, 3 ... 1, 2, 3 ... 1, 2, 3 etc. So the first time reading is for the first set of three ADC counts the second for the second set of active channels and so on.


number values taken = samples required * active channels

number of times = samples required

Best regards,

Mark Spencer
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