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Mac features

Post by BigDave »

I purchased my PicoScope a couple of years ago and was very frustrated to find that the Mac version of the software was a very poor cousin to the Windows version. The software was labelled as 'beta' as it still is, but that isn't normally code for 'only half implemented' or 'lacking many features'. It usually means something that is in an advanced state of testing.

Still I persevered with the product using the Windows version of the software running in a VM. Not particularly performant, but at least all the features were present.

Recently, I decided to give the latest Mac version a go.

So, it does look better and seems to have more of the features that were missing, including serial decoding. But it is still missing many basic features. For example, I cannot seem to apply custom names to the digital channels in MSO mode. Please correct me if I am wrong, but this doesn't seem to be available on the Mac.

It's a basic and yet really useful piece of functionality. It surely doesn't take much effort to add that - it's really only UI stuff.

Come on guys. It's been nearly TWO YEARS and Mac is still a bit half baked. If you advertise something as Mac compatible, better do it.

Great that you have an ambition to reach parity with Windows. But can we at least have some transparency - a roadmap that tells us when we might expect each of the missing features to appear.

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Re: Mac features

Post by Hitesh »

Hi BigDave,

Thank you for your post and feedback.

We do understand that there have been issues with the PicoScope Beta for macOS software which our Development Team have been looking into. They are currently busy with some major projects but the aim is to work towards achieving feature parity with the next major release.

You can find release notes via this page.

There has been some discussion about a roadmap and I will pass on your feedback.


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