Triggering in changing amplitude

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Triggering in changing amplitude

Post by NaingScorpio »

Hi admin,

Sorry for my last post with uncompleted question.
My waveform is normally AC line voltage and with Bule color waveform in my picture. Its value is 310Cosωt, say. I would like set trigger on Amplitude of waveform so that the changed wavefrom will be captured when my wavefrom is decreased (300Cosωt) or increased (320Cosωt). How can I set the trigger by using built-in triggering? Or how can I modified the trigger if I need to create own trigger by using source code?
Any picoscope or ADC logger can be used to accomplish this feature.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,
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Post by ziko »

Hi, and thank you for your post.

This feature is not available on any of our products, the 5000 scopes uses PicoScope6 which has advanced triggering, however this scenario is not available, there will be more additions to the advanced triggering although I cannot say if this one will feature in it.

Kind regards

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