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New PicoLog 6.0.14 Beta for testing

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New PicoLog 6.0.14 Beta for testing

Postby Kieran » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:28 pm

To all PicoLog data logger users!

We launched our latest Beta version of PicoLog 6 with full support for all Pico Technology data loggers.
In version 6.0.14 Beta, we are preparing for the launch of the full stable release in the very near future. Please find below the new features and enhancements for testing:

- Added full support for DrDAQ, PicoLog 1000, ADC-20/24 devices
- Enabled digital inputs for supported devices
- Enabled use of switching digital outputs from alarms
- Improved interface for math channels, scaling and alarms
- Improved user interface for zooming and autoscale

The new version of PicoLog 6.0.14 Beta is available from our normal downloads page now. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Happy testing!

Kieran Winstanley
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