ETS block not working

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ETS block not working

Post by Payam30 »

Hi, I have trouble makign the ETS work. AS the programmers guide says:
1. Open the oscilloscope using ps5000aOpenUnit.
2. Select channel ranges and AC/DC coupling using ps5000aSetChannel.
3. Use ps5000aGetTimebase to verify the number of samples to be collected.
4. Set up ETS using ps5000aSetEts.
5. Use the trigger setup functions ps5000aSetTriggerChannelDirections and
ps5000aSetTriggerChannelProperties to set up the trigger if required.
6. Start the oscilloscope running using ps5000aRunBlock.
7. Wait until the oscilloscope is ready using the ps5000aBlockReady callback (or
poll using ps5000aIsReady).
8. Use ps5000aSetDataBuffer to tell the driver where to store sampled data.
8a. Use ps5000aSetEtsTimeBuffer or ps5000aSetEtsTimeBuffers to tell the
driver where to store sample times.
9. Transfer the block of data from the oscilloscope using ps5000aGetValues.
10. Display the data.
11. While you want to collect updated captures, repeat steps 7 to 10.
12. Stop the oscilloscope using ps5000aStop.
13. Repeat steps 6 to 12.
14. Close the device using ps5000aCloseUnit

The imports file do not contain any ETS functions and since ETS function must have "PS5000A_ETS_MODE mode," as a argument it does not either find any of modes.
I tryied to add following in Imports.

Code: Select all

DllImport(_DRIVER_FILENAME, EntryPoint = "ps5000aSetEts")]
        public static extern uint SetEts(short handle,
            PS5000A_ETS_MODE mode,
            uint etsCycles,
            uint etsInterLeave,
            int sampleTimePicoSeconds);
but the mode argument is wrong. and I wonder where you can find this.

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Re: ETS block not working

Post by Martyn »

Please check Page 77 of the Programmer's Guide

We have not produced an ETS example yet as it is a unique triggering mode, not compatible with other trigger modes, please see Equivalent Time Sampling

I would not include this mode in a general trigger based application, it would add an unnecessary level of complexity.
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