PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi channel B doesn't work

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PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi channel B doesn't work

Post by Thomas76 »

I have a Picoscope 2204A and I'm using PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi to read my signal.
If I use Channel A all works correctly but if I use Channel B it doesn't show any signal.
When I use Channel A, I enable Channel A Settings and I use Channel A as Trigger Source in Front Panel;
when I try to use Channel B, I enable Channel B Settings and I use Channel B as Trigger Source in Front Panel.

I noticed that PicoScope2000StartStreaming.vi (used in PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi) have Channel A and Channel B output. In PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi only Channel A is used. I tried to use Channel B output instead of Channel A but the result doesn't change.

Can anyone tell me how to set input parameters of PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi to use Channel B?

P.S.: With PicoScope6 program Channel B works correctly.

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Re: PicoScope2000ExampleFastStreaming.vi channel B doesn't w

Post by Hitesh »

This has been resolved via Live Chat request.

For the benefit of other Users, the PicoScope2000StartStreaming.vi sub-vi has an output for a data buffer for channel B. Connect a wire to the terminal, just like for channel A, if you wish to see live data or alternatively, if you just need to see the data at the end, then you can output an array from the call to the ps2000_get_streaming_values_no_aggregation() function.


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