Extraction of channel units from PSDATA file

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Extraction of channel units from PSDATA file

Post by lightning_doc » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:20 pm

Is there any way to "extract" the information on the channel units (Volts, Amps) from the psdata file using the command line? When converting psdata to mat file, this information is (as far as I am know) lost. I would like to postprocess and plot the recorded date using GNU octave and correct info on the units for plotting of waveform would be useful. This information is present in CSV format (even if scaled, i.e. using prefixes m,µ,k ),

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Time, Channel A, Channel B
(µs), (V), (V)
-500.004, 5.511, 1.215
-500.002, 4.724, 2.130
-500, 5.552, 2.212

so only solution I am avare of is to convert psdata to both MAT and CSV and the read the the second line from the CSV-file to get the unit info.
Hovever, the convertion to CSV takes long and the resulting file is HUGE.
A possible "dirty" trick would be to convert only a part of the record to keep the file small, but I do not think is possible.

Thank you

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Re: Extraction of channel units from PSDATA file

Post by Hitesh » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:31 am

Hi lightning_doc,

At the present moment, the units are not extracted to the MATLAB file format so I have raised a feature request for this.

At the present moment it would be a case of manually noting the units in use on each channel as it is not possible to save a subset of the data from a trace.


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