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adc-16 and windows 98

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adc-16 and windows 98

Postby stuartb » Fri May 23, 2003 4:30 am

Hi, I am using your data logging software with an ADC-16 logger.
It all works well on a pentium 233 with 98M ram, windows NT.
It doesn't work on either laptop or desktop with 98M ram and p166 windows 98, fails to talk to com port on both machines.
Any Clues?

Postby markspencer » Fri May 23, 2003 7:44 am


I am assuming that when you connect the ADC-16 to the three PCs you are using the same serial cable. If you are not then use the one which works this will eliminate the possibility of a faulty cable.

Check the serial port input/output settings: 03F8 - 03FF.

Check the voltage being supplied to the ADC-16 from the PC's, for those which are not communicating.

Connect the ADC-16 to the PC in the usual way and start Picolog, once you get the error message test the following:

Pin 4 >7
Pin 5 GND
Pin 7 <-7

This can be tested by unpluging the cable from the ADC-16 and using a multimeter on the relevent pins on the cable. The ADC-16 could still work if you get voltages around the ±6.5 volt mark any lower voltages would stop the ADC-16 from working.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer
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