Java examples now on GitHub

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Java examples now on GitHub

Post by Hitesh »


We have a repository containing some basic Java JNA examples on GitHub that show how to establish a connection, display unit information and close the connection to a device.

In the case of the TC-08 there is an example showing data collection for a few seconds.

Contributions are welcome via a pull request.


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Re: Java examples now on GitHub

Post by kovadam69 »


Is there a way to have a Java SDK without using native libraries? Like a pure Java implementation of the whole SDK? We are currently testing a CM3 device, and if we can talk to it using Java, we would consider buying some more CM3 devices to monitor our production consumption using these CM3 devices. However we would like to channel the collected data into our ERP system (written purely in java) and would like to avoid to install any 3rd party software or SDK/Driver on our servers. We would like to use Ethernet (with POE) to connect these devices into our LAN. As fas as I know using Linux SDK only USB connection is working? We do not have Windows servers.

Thank you!



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