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Record I2S data buffers (many buffers) with 2206B MSO

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Record I2S data buffers (many buffers) with 2206B MSO

Postby acourdavault » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:26 pm


I have a 2206B MSO oscilloscope.
I have set up the 3 digital signal + GND to visualize my data in 1 group
I also have set up a decoder and specified for the I2S protocol where the data are, clk etc.
Trigger is set on Clock signal

I can therefore vivualize the decoded data BUT BUT BUT

At the moment, i can see the data run in the table when i send data on I2S, but I can not record the buffers.
I would like after a run to keep all the tables in picospope, and maybe save it to csv

At the moment, once I trigger the data are either scrolling very fast and disappear (in auto or repeat mode)
OR On single i see only 1 buffer (an the data are not decoded in the serial decoder)

**I would like to record 1 minute of i2s signal, save the data to then check if it matches what i should have sent.**
- whta trigger mode should i use
- how to keep all the buffers in the decoder screen
- how to stream through usb the data for 1 min and save to a file

Thanks in advance
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Re: Record I2S data buffers (many buffers) with 2206B MSO

Postby Martyn » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:18 am

What speed is the I2S signal ? and what time gaps do you get between packets ?

It may help if you use File->Save and save a copy of the current buffer as a psdata file and post that here, or send to us at support@picotech.com , it will contain useful information about the signal.
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