Picolog 1216 real time data access

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Picolog 1216 real time data access

Post by Varin »

I am using Picolog 1216 (with an interface to Matlab) for some low speed sensor data capture and so far I am able to capture a block of data and display some plot. I am using BM_WINDOW command to capture data with already available files from this forum however I am stuck at live streaming data capture. Although captured data gets updated (if using block method), but there seems to be a good delay in next block of data. My sampling rate is quite low, 500 S/s and block length is 8192. Can anyone please tell whether there is enough memory inside the Picolog 1216 to allow streaming data capture and is there any sample code for the streaming data capture. Many thanks.

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Re: Picolog 1216 real time data access

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Varindra,

The PicoLog 1000 series devices have a low memory buffer (8 kS).

Please e-mail support@picotech.com and we can assist you with a streaming example.


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