PicoScope and xTIMEcomposer on the same screen

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PicoScope and xTIMEcomposer on the same screen

Post by Aclassifier »

Hi! I haven't figured out how to view PicoScope and xTIMEcomposer (an Eclipse/Java IDE by XMOS) on the same screen at the same time? I want to run to next breakpoint and then use and view PicoScope. None of them run in full screen mode, but when I activate one the other minimises. That seems to be the only pair of programs that would behave like that relative to each other, at least I don't think I have noticed such behaviour for the last 15 years.. One active simply pushes the other away. I use only one screen and run El Capital 10.11.16. I use Mono and PicoScope iMac 4K.
Øyvind Teig (Aclassifier)

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Re: PicoScope and xTIMEcomposer on the same screen

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Aclassifier,

Our Development Team are aware of an issue where the PicoScope window disappears when another application is selected.

Does this also occur if you use another application such as Safari when PicoScope 6 is running?


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