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Pico on the Mac

Post by blnichols »

Having no luck with my new Pico 3205 and many other things with Windows Vista on a new laptop, I have gone to an iMac. Parallels Desktop does a nice job running windows xp inside the mac environment including the picolog program, but the USB enumeration process always causes Picolog or Picoscope to lock up. Can anything be done? I am about to give up on Pico as well and return the 3205.


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

At present we do not support Windows Vista, however we are working to add support for this in the future. We do not support Macs and thus cannot offer advice on how to get this working on a Mac computer. I am aware that other people have got it working successfully however I do not know what steps they took. You can try asking on this forum for advice from other users.

If you have a Windows PC then it will work fine on that.

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Please see forum thread:
The Intel-based iMac will work fine so long as it is Boot Camp (Parallels may work eventually; however, at present, it does not appear to).

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